Flask Skeleton with Bootstrap

Flask skeleton using Bootstrap, SCSS, Docker, console and rotating file logging, HTTP basic auth and web and api views with Blueprint. Summary This is a simple flask skeleton to quickly start a new web project using: Bootstrap SCSS console and rotating file logging HTTP basic auth web and api views with Blueprint You can use it: localy with autoreload dockerized with autoreload heroku without autoreload And you can switch between them.

Python SSL sockets and Systemd activation

Systemd implements activation socket, an existing feature in inetd/xinetd. It’s awesome because systemd can start a process on demand, when needed and you don’t “manage” socket in your code, just reuse it. From the contested Lennart Poettering The basic idea of socket activation is not new. The inetd superserver was a standard component of most Linux and Unix systems since time began: instead of spawning all local Internet services already at boot, the superserver would listen on behalf of the services and whenever a connection would come in an instance of the respective service would be spawned.

Transform Linux and Windows CLI to REST API w/ Docker & Python

Update 02 dec 2015, some people ask me why I used docker-py instead of REST API, so I added REST API equivalent with curl. Everyday, I build tools using REST API, SOAP, RPC, HTTP requests on web app … But how can I manage a CLI ? I started a project called cli2rest. The goal of this application is to wrap any CLI into a simple REST API like apache-libcloud do with different cloud provider.